Top Ten Directories

We have compiled a listing of the top 10 directories and added links that will take you directly to them!

  1. Yahoo Directory has a PageRank 8 and Alexa Rank 4
  2. So Much has a PR 6 and a Alexa ranking 11,061
  3. A1 Web Directory has a PR 5 and a Alexa ranking 13,823
  4. Arakne Links has a PR 5 and a Alexa 19,640
  5. Illumirate has a PR 5 and a Alexa 22,515
  6. Classifieds 1000 has a PR 5 and a Alexa 12,517
  7. Web World Index has a PR 5 and a Alexa 12,017
  8. Search Sight has a PR 4 and a Alexa 9,949
  9. Tsection has a PR 5 and a Alexa 17,558
  10. 1 ABC has a PR 5 and a Alexa 27,087

Remember that the directories listed are family friendly directories with strict guidelines for quality to ensure that websites are listed in a good neighbourhood. Submissions are all human reviewed by an established directory editorial team. Best bet is to submit your best sites to the above directories.

Feel free to leave a review of the above 10 directories or if you believe you have a directory that should be listed, leave a comment!

Here are a few of the Directory domains names that are available to register

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