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Play fun and free games at home or at work. You can play by using your browser, no need to download anything. Bouncing balls and other games that are always fun to play and help to improve your brain and reflexes. Come by today!

Type Upside Down Free Backwards Text Generator

Want to freak out and confuse your online friends and followers? Need a unique and interesting IM, MSN, Yahoo, forum, Facebook screen name? Something to add and personalize your profile in Tumblr, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Well, by using you can do all the above plus create strong passwords and even encrypt your download links to prevent leechers! Yes, you can make your text backwards and type upside down! You can even make individual backwards letters like "k" which becomes ʞ.
a = ɐ b = q c = ɔ d = p e = ǝ f = ɟ g = ƃ h = ɥ i = ı j = ɾ k = ʞ l = l m = ɯ n = u o = o p = d q = b r = ɹ s = s t = ʇ u = n v = ʌ w = ʍ x = x y = ʎ z = z

Here is a example, Miley Cyrus Announces Pregnancy With Rapper Juicy
ʎɔınɾ ɹǝddɐɹ ɥʇıʍ ʎɔuɐuƃǝɹd sǝɔunouuɐ snɹʎɔ ʎǝlıɯ
FaceBook Upside Down Text Generator

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