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Who is the Ministry Of Education? We are the ministry that administers the system of publicly funded elementary and secondary school education in Ontario. What Does the Ministry Of Education Do? The ministry's plan to promote a strong, vibrant, publicly funded education system is focused on three goals: high levels of student achievement; reduced gaps in student achievement; high levels of public confidence in public education. Education Facts: For detailed information on schools and school boards; education funding; number of teachers, administrators and enrolment. Here are some of the F.A.Q's? Elementary and Secondary Education Questions Which school can my child attend? Can a student from outside Canada attend school in Ontario? Who determines the school curriculum? To whom do I speak regarding an issue at my child's school? How do I make arrangements to teach my child at home? How do I find a private school for my child? How do I open a private elementary or secondary school? As an adult, how can I complete the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)? Can I take my General Educational Development (GED) test in Ontario? How do I get an official transcript from the secondary school I attended? How do I get an evaluation of elementary or secondary education documents from outside Ontario? Questions about School Board Where can I find the contact information and web address of a district school board or board authority? Where can I find out how my school board is performing? Where can I get more information on my child's school? What are the roles and responsibilities of some of the positions listed on the board directory? Who sets the school boards' budgets? Who sets school budgets? Questions about Child Care How do I find a child care provider? How do I find out if a child care provider is licensed? What supports are available to help me pay for child care? Ministry-Related Questions Which legislation governs elementary and secondary education? What are the roles of the ministers, school boards, and teachers? And what about parents and students? How can I obtain a particular document, such as a curriculum guideline or a news release? When is Education Week?


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