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Negotiation Tips To Consider When Selling Your Domain

The following are some of the factors that might influence any negotiation when you are trying to sell your domain.

1) Buyer’s need for or desire to acquire your domain that you are selling. Is your domain, a name that is nice to have, many acceptable alternatives or must have domain name?

2) Buyer’s financial position – Big companies like Apple, Google, Facebook or any other Fortune 500 company can potentially spend five figures or more on a domain name and not blink at the price. A website developer or sole proprietor will have more limited means (budget tighter), so they will offer way less for your domain.

3) How much the buyer is willing to pay – despite Warren Buffett or Bill Gates’ financial resources, they are not going to spend $5000 on a pencil. Many end users (people who buy domains for their sites) just do not place much value on domain names as they are not viewed as something worth spending a lot of money on. So $xx and low $XXX offers abound.

4) Seller’s financial position or income from other sources – even if a domain makes zero in parking, if the seller has income from websites or another business or a full-time job, they can more easily reject offers deemed to be inadequate. If they are struggling to pay renewals, they are going to be more open to negotiation.

5) Other offers received for the item in question or similar properties (it is easy to reject offers which are less than what one has recently received from other potential buyers). On the other hand, for specific domains, an interested party may only come along once every few years. If an offer is rejected it may be a while before another interested party comes along. And they may be no more willing to pay big dollars than the current interested party.

6) Investment and replacement cost – a seller will be reluctant to sell a property at less than what they paid for it. Also, if they are in the business of buying and selling, they may also consider what it would cost to acquire a similar property to replace the one they are considering selling (even if the offer is above their cost).

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